Meet the Money® Video

At Meet the Money® – the national finance and investment conference hosted by the hotel lawyers of JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group® – hotel owners, developers, investors, operators, and lenders gather to discuss the hospitality market and make deals. The conference focuses on the full range of debt and equity capital for the purchase, sale and development of hotel properties, and related transactions.


Patrick Hogan – EB-5 Immigrant Investment Visa Program in hotel finance


Jonathan Falik discusses the 2016 hotel finance and investment environment


Alice Gao discusses interest rates and Chinese investment in gateway cities


Alan Reay – California hotel market, sales and purchases, RevPAR and financing


Tye Turman – New builds, adaptive reuse, and brands, including Moxy and AC


Tom Corcoran discusses rational debt and the 2016 hotel market


Bill Blackham – Demand, RevPAR, and opportunities in select service hotel sector

Mike Cahill answers, “Where are we in the current hospitality cycle?” Global Hospitality Group®


Alice Gao talks about hospitality opportunities with ICBC, the largest bank in the world


Elizabeth Braman discusses financing hospitality deals through crowdfunding – Meet the Money®


Jack Westergom discusses hotel operating agreements, asset management and cycles – Meet the Money®


Bill Sipple discusses hospitality market activity and interest rates – Meet the Money® conference


Bill Blackham discusses new hotel supply and assets for sale – Meet the Money®


Stephen Rushmore, Jr. talks about hotel values and brand proliferation – Meet the Money®


Don Li discusses Chinese investment in U.S. hotels – Meet the Money®


Vail Brown discusses all-time highs in hotel supply growth, and other metrics – Meet the Money®


Deric Eubanks talks about the hottest hospitality segments for investors – Meet the Money®

2014 – Hospitality Market Trends – How is the current hospitality market?


2014 – Future Trends in the Hospitality Market – What future trends do you see in the hospitality industry?


2014 – Meet Donald Trump Jr. – Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization
“I’m the Executive Vice President for Development for The Trump Organization which encompasses a lot beyond hotels but I guess the focus of what we’re talking about is really our growth in the hotel world and it’s something we’ve been pretty active in for the last few years. We’ve had hotels since the mid ’90s but we really had one flagship on Central Park West in New York City, and as my brother, my sister and myself evolved into the business, we wanted to expand on that. So for the last 8, 9 years — almost a decade — we’ve been really focused on growing that platform, learning from the ground up and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it, and doing it a little bit differently.”


2014 – Meet Robert Palleschi – Hilton Worldwide
“I am responsible for the Hilton brand – 560 hotels, 81 countries, 200,000 guest rooms worldwide and my primary focus is really the guest experience. So I primarily focus on the guest experience but it has to be aligned with the owners’ interests. If we don’t provide and generate significant returns for our owners then they’re not going to build more Hiltons. So we have to balance the needs of the guests with the needs of the owners. I spend a lot of time with that, and then the next part is development deals. I’m constantly traveling the world seeking out new and exciting deals.”


2014 – Meet Stephen Rushmore Jr. – HVS
“I’m President and CEO of HVS. I’ve been with the company for 12 years. My father started the business 34 years ago so it’s been a part of my life for a very long time. And me professionally – I’m a state certified appraiser, I have a MAI designation and a CRE designation, as well.”


2014 – Meet Robert Stiles – Robert Stiles, Principal & Managing Director of RobertDouglas
“RobertDouglas is an investment banking platform focused exclusively on hotels. We raise capital for hotel owners. We don’t work for sources of capital, but we work for users of capital. So we structure and raise financing for hotel buyers, refinancing capital for hotel owners, and we raise equity capital both for owners of individual hotels, but also entity level capital. And the final thing we do is we sell hotel assets on behalf of owners.”


2014 – Meet Sam Winterbottom – Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
“Newmark Grubb Knight Frank is a brokerage firm embedded into a platform called BGC Partners which is a part of Cantor Fitzgerald. I head the hotel transactional group for the company. We’re about a dozen professionals around the country that do hotel transactions. We also own an appraisal firm – Landauer does hotel appraisals, we have debt platforms. And so we come to this conference in a hotel space to try to find business and do business with people across any of those platforms.”


2014 – Meet Suzanne Mellen – Senior Managing Director of HVS
“HVS is a full service consulting firm to the hospitality industry and our primary service is providing valuations, appraisals and market feasibility studies for existing and proposed hotels (and also casinos – that’s one of my areas of expertise). I’m Senior Managing Director heading up the L.A., Las Vegas and San Francisco offices. We have quite a diversified practice, actually. We do studies recommending facilities and products for people when they are looking to develop hotels. We run financial projections for them and tell them what we think it’s going to be worth once they’ve completed the process. We value hotels for all sorts of purposes – for financing, transactions, litigation, property tax appeal, purchase price allegations. There are all sorts of different reasons that people give us a call. We do damage calculations when people are trying to quantify how they’ve been impacted by certain events in their hotel investments, and general advisory work.”


2014 – Meet Geoff Davis – President of HREC Investment Advisors
“HREC is a hotel brokerage and mortgage brokers company. Last year was a record year for us, we closed (75) transactions and to our amazement we’re almost 80% over last year, so we’re rockin’ and rollin’ and hopefully the market stays strong.”


2014 – Meet Greg Hartmann – Executive Vice President of the Hotels & Hospitality Group at JLL
“I’m at Jones Lang LaSalle which is a large public company – probably the second largest in terms of real estate investment company, and I’m with the hotels and hospitality group. I oversee our strategic, advisory and asset management team here in the U.S. and Canada and I’m dealing with new opportunities and asset management.”


2014 – Meet Leah Murphy – HVS
“HVS is a global hospitality company and the specific division that I’m involved in is our consulting and valuation division. I lead the operations under Suzanne Mellen’s supervision in Los Angeles. I started with HVS back in 2007, so I’m coming up to my 7 year anniversary. We primarily do market studies, feasibility studies as well as appraisals and other kinds of assignments.”